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Gweryd Lake Fishery

Rules Pre Booked fishing only. Drive very Slowly in and out, you are driving over a Public Bridleway used by Walkers, Horses and Mountain bikes. Stop at the Fishery office on arrival sign in. Cash only Sorry, Under 14yrs are not allowed onsite. 14yrs and over must be able to provide I.D when asked. 14yrs to 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult. You must have a Valid Enviromental Agency Rod Licence. No visitors. Viewing by appointment only. Fish Welfare Landing nets & unhooking mats must be dipped on arrival to prevent the spread of diseases. Rods must not be left unattended. Do not strike to set the hook beyond reasonable force. Never lift any fish above knee hieght, keep the fish wet and return ASAP. Sacking of fish is permitted for wieghing purposes only. No Keep nets. You must have and use fish care antiseptic on all hooked fish. Surface fishing is allowed. Tackle Barbless hooks only, No Micro barb, No Filed, No trebles. No Mainline braid. Braided hook link and Spomb is permitted only. Minimum 10lbs mainline. Safety rigs must be used at all times. 1 x 30" landing net per Angler. Single barbless hook if spinning for perch. No Sonar or Deeper Devices. Bait Boats, ask before use. Bait ​No Out of Date Baits. No Cat & Dog meats. No live baiting. Do not discard bait on the bank. Skip it or take it home. Peg info Please ​take all your rubbish including cigarette ends home. No Glass bottles allowed onsite. Please put your vehicle in the car parks after unloading. Fishery gates are locked from 6.30pm to 8am for your security. No other visiting guests other than those booked in are allowed onsite. We do not allow take away deliveries onsite. No dogs allowed. No Swimming. No Heavy Drinking, Drugs, Guns, Target Catapults, Drones Loud radios or shouting. BBQ & Fire Pits must be raised to prevent scorching. Green bivvy style shelters only. No Caravans or Motor Holmes. 24hr CCTV ​Advise Accidents must be recorded in the log book in the fishery office. First aid kit is kept in the fishery office or call at the house or 999 Caution should be taken when net dipping in disinfectant, ask for assistance if unsure. You are responcible for your own personal protective equipment. Caution should be taken when walking around the fishery day & night, trip hazards are present e.g uneven ground, rabbit hole, bare roots and slippery surfaces. Caution should be taken when camping under trees - Falling branches. Fishing should stop when lightening is present. Lake water is cold, the edges shallow but with steep holes, avoid falling in. Life rings are positioned around the lake to be used to save life. Legal It is a condition of payment that we reserve the right to seach your vehicle at anytime. The removal, Killing, Eating or Transfer of any fish will mean a claim by the owners of Gweryd lakes for full compensation. Niether the company nor its employees shalll be responsible for the loss or damage to any of your property however caused. Anglers, guests or visitors are not entitled to make any claim against Gweryd Lakes or its employees of any sort, injury or theft. We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time. We reserve the right to alter rules, these terms at anytime with out prior notice.

Twynersh fishing complex

The Fishery is situated in Chertsey, Surrey and is based on the site of an old gravel works that were excavated in the 70’s. Left to mature on their own for a number of years they have since the late 80’s been landscaped and developed into the complex we have today. The grounds within this complex are carefully maintained to offer the angler easy access and parking while still allowing the abundant wildlife a place to reside. In January 2004 the Twynersh was selected as a site of nature conservation importance by the Surrey Wildlife Trust. The fishery within its perimeter fence covers an area of approximately 44 acres and features 8 gravel pits of varying sizes.

Cromwell Lakes

About: Cromwell is a beautiful 18 acre spring fed, tree lined specimen lake, set in peaceful surroundings just of the A1 in Newark. The Lake has many features and varies in depths between 3ft and 18ft, with prominent gravel bars, silty areas and drop off’s, there are various types of weed in the warmer months, but every peg is fishable and this contributes to the size and health of our fish by supplying a rich natural food source. The lake is surrounded by beautiful willow, beech, magnolia, scotts pine, and cherry trees, which provides a haven for wildlife, all in all the lake and its environment lends itself to a wealth of biodiversity. In 2004 the fishery was transformed into a specimen carp venue, with a re-stocking programme, resulting in a lake holding several 40’s and forty plus 30’s, this programme will be continued in October 2011 with 80 x 12lb –20lb carp being introduced over the next 3 years. The grounds are immaculately kept and have been developed into a 19 peg site with up to an acre of water per angler. One peg has been specially designed for the disabled angler with car and wheelchair access. We also have a brand new anglers lodge with all facilities required for longer sessions plus secure car parking with CCTV. Our aim is to become one of the Midlands leading specimen carp fisheries, providing excellent onsite facilities, large healthy fish and a safe secure environment for fish and anglers alike! Fish health and safety is our main priority so we provide all mats, nets, slings and water bucket, your not allowed to bring your own. Secondly followed by our commitment to provide a top class angling experience.
Price £30.00

Partridge Lakes

7:00 am - 5:00 pm
About: Partridge Lakes Fishery is set over 70 acres with 394 pegs across 15 waters, all individually landscaped providing a fantastic days coarse fishing for all, including open match anglers, club match anglers, carp anglers and pleasure anglers of all levels. Over looking the lakes is the Partridge Tackle & Bait Shop and the Lakeside Café open all day every day serving fresh hot and cold food throughout the year. All our established waters are heavily stocked with the highest quality Carp, Chub, Bream, Roach, Perch, Barbel, Ide and Golden Tench. We have day-ticket fishing available on some of the finest waters in the North West and yearly memberships available on the exclusive and prestigious Gold Lake. Our uniquely designed & stocked waters offer an ideal venue for all club matches of all sizes. Open Matches are also held on the Coveys which are considered the best match waters in the North West with 173 pegs attracting the highest attendance of match men every week in the UK . We host five hour open matches to all anglers on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and OAP & disabled open matches for anglers over 60 years or a blue badge holder on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For mid week matches there is no need to book on, but for weekend open matches please call
Price £10.00

Butterley Reservoir

About: The reservoir is located just off junction 28 of the M1, the easiest way to find it from any direction being to follow the National Heritage signs for the Midland Railway Centre. The postal code is DE5 3QZ. Built by William Jessop around 1795, it is the largest of three built to service the Cromford Canal, the other two being Codnor Park and Butterley Park, the latter was dismantled in 1935. It was created by damming the Hartshay Brook and covers a surface area of around 50 acres, containing an estimated 283 million gallons of water. In 1875 the Midland Railway took the Ambergate to Pye Bridge line west to east over the reservoir via a wooden viaduct that had 22 equal spans of 9.1mtrs. This was replaced around 1930 when LMS built the stone causeway that exists today. It has changed somewhat over the years, none more so than during the last few years thanks to the efforts of the Angling Club and their maintenance team. The reservoir is split in two by the Midland Railway that crosses it. It is effectively two venues. It will reward the anglers who put in the effort. In the summer months a walk to the shallow areas can be of benefit, in the colder months the deeper water pegs along the dam wall are more popular. Ripley & District Angling Club It was founded in 1898 at which time the adult membership was sixpence. Butterley Reservoir has always been our prime venue. Memberships and day tickets are available for all age groups and persuasions. Over recent years the club has invested in a wide range of improvements. Gone are the days when you needed ‘wellies’ to walk around the res. The mud has been replaced by stone paths. Majority of the old concrete stands have been replaced by larger ones of PVC construction, the spacing’s being increased to better accommodate match situations. Many of the pegs have hard standing areas to accommodate the angler’s equipment and bivvies. The angler’s car park is now lockable and a toilet facility is available. The water has been restocked with bream, tench, carp and roach, many of these now showing increased weights due largely to the regular feeding programme. The club organises regular carp and course angling matches, these are advertised on social media and the notice boards.
From £4.00 To £25.00

DDAPS Brooklands Fishing Venue

About: Brooklands is DDAPs’ day ticket water and is situated near Dartford town centre. Tickets can be purchased on the bank from one of our helpful bailiffs. The complex has been under DDAPS control since the early 1930s and was one of the early pioneering waters of modern carp fishing. Carp have been there from the early days! For those who have not visited this approximately 17 acre gravel pit complex for a while there have been some dramatic changes to the landscape. Many previously inaccessible places can now be fished in reasonable comfort via rebuilt pathways.
From £3.00 To £35.00

Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate

About: Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate is professionally run carp fishing syndicate located on a private estate at Croxley Hall Fisheries, near Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. Members of Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate enjoy exclusive carp fishing on Croxley Lake, a mature eight acre gravel pit which was dug over forty years ago and still contains some of the original mirror carp. Approximately one hundred and fifty carp are present, the majority being "Croxley" commons weighing over thirty five pounds . They were stocked in 1996 at an average weight of two pounds. In 2004 a further twenty "Leney" carp were stocked around seven pounds in weight, these fish now weigh thirty pounds plus and are mostly mirrors. In 2007 a further thirty three mirror carp from the "Dinton Pastures" strain were stocked, some of these fish are now breaking records and could potentially outgrow everything in these rich lakes. During the summer months multiple catches are quite common. Most of our members have experienced their personal best catches whilst fishing at Croxley Hall Fisheries. The growth rates of the carp are monitored closely in the best interests of the fishery using a unique system which provides extremely accurate records for our members to view.

Brooms Cross Fishery

About: Welcome to Brooms Cross Fishery, Merseyside’s exciting new day ticket specimen carp and coarse fishery. Located in Thornton, on the rural outskirts of Liverpool, it has views across the Alt Valley, over Clieves Hill towards Rivington Pike and across the fields to the picturesque Ince Blundell Estate. Brooms Cross offers anglers of all ages and abilities a peaceful, safe and secure venue – whether you prefer to have a day of rod-bending action with the coarse species on the well-stocked Owl Tree Pond, or spend a few days trying to catch one of our many elusive monster carp in the Upper and Lower Alt Lakes. Our registration scheme, 24hr on site bailiffs and CCTV system are to ensure security and further enhanced peace of mind whilst fishing. We aim to give you a great angling experience. Register now so you can book sessions on the Upper & Lower Alt carp lakes. If you are a coarse angler you can register separately to enjoy extended out-of-hours fishing opportunities on Owl Tree Pond or if you just want a day session you can turn up and fish owl tree pond with no registration. See the Carp Fishing and Coarse Fishing pages for full details.

Thorney Weir

About: Ever had a secret that you were dying to tell, but couldn’t? Imagine bursting at the seams for a year, just holding it in. Well here it is… When I was a kid 30 odd years ago, my dad would take me to fish lakes and rivers known as Thorney Weir. We loved the place, three lakes, a mile and a quarter of the River Colne, plus the Colnbrook River, in around 78 acres of Buckinghamshire countryside. Carp, tench and bream in the lakes, and assorted bags of carp, chub, roach, bream, barbel and dace on the rivers – always a treat on Sundays. It became my favourite place. I’d spend all my time after school there, day in day out. Imagine how I felt, and I’m sure everyone else when I found out that the lease had been given to the Met Police and that day tickets were no longer available. The Met Lakes, as the fishery became known, were inaccessible to the public for over 30 years! On inspection Lake 2 had become completely overgrown totally inaccessible and most swims on all three lakes were overgrown and in need of repair. We knew that making this area clean again would be a major undertaking. Considering the potential of Thorney Weir, however, it was worth the eight months of hard work everyone put in to take it back on to the road to recovery.
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