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Pre Booked fishing only.
Drive very Slowly in and out, you are driving over a Public Bridleway used by Walkers, Horses and Mountain bikes.
Stop at the Fishery office on arrival sign in. Cash only
Sorry, Under 14yrs are not allowed onsite.
14yrs and over must be able to provide I.D when asked.
14yrs to 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
You must have a Valid Enviromental Agency Rod Licence.
No visitors.
Viewing by appointment only.
Fish Welfare

Landing nets & unhooking mats must be dipped on arrival to prevent the spread of diseases.
Rods must not be left unattended.
Do not strike to set the hook beyond reasonable force.
Never lift any fish above knee hieght, keep the fish wet and return ASAP.
Sacking of fish is permitted for wieghing purposes only.
No Keep nets.
You must have and use fish care antiseptic on all hooked fish.
Surface fishing is allowed.

Barbless hooks only, No Micro barb, No Filed, No trebles.
No Mainline braid.
Braided hook link and Spomb is permitted only.
Minimum 10lbs mainline.
Safety rigs must be used at all times.
1 x 30″ landing net per Angler.
Single barbless hook if spinning for perch.
No Sonar or Deeper Devices.
Bait Boats, ask before use.

​No Out of Date Baits.
No Cat & Dog meats.
No live baiting.
Do not discard bait on the bank. Skip it or take it home.
Peg info

Please ​take all your rubbish including cigarette ends home.
No Glass bottles allowed onsite.
Please put your vehicle in the car parks after unloading.
Fishery gates are locked from 6.30pm to 8am for your security.
No other visiting guests other than those booked in are allowed onsite.
We do not allow take away deliveries onsite.
No dogs allowed.
No Swimming.
No Heavy Drinking, Drugs, Guns, Target Catapults, Drones Loud radios or shouting.
BBQ & Fire Pits must be raised to prevent scorching.
Green bivvy style shelters only.
No Caravans or Motor Holmes.
24hr CCTV

Accidents must be recorded in the log book in the fishery office.
First aid kit is kept in the fishery office or call at the house or 999
Caution should be taken when net dipping in disinfectant, ask for assistance if unsure. You are responcible for your own personal protective equipment.
Caution should be taken when walking around the fishery day & night, trip hazards are present e.g uneven ground, rabbit hole, bare roots and slippery surfaces.
Caution should be taken when camping under trees – Falling branches.
Fishing should stop when lightening is present.
Lake water is cold, the edges shallow but with steep holes, avoid falling in. Life rings are positioned around the lake to be used to save life.

It is a condition of payment that we reserve the right to seach your vehicle at anytime.
The removal, Killing, Eating or Transfer of any fish will mean a claim by the owners of Gweryd lakes for full compensation.
Niether the company nor its employees shalll be responsible for the loss or damage to any of your property however caused.
Anglers, guests or visitors are not entitled to make any claim against Gweryd Lakes or its employees of any sort, injury or theft.
We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time.
We reserve the right to alter rules, these terms at anytime with out prior notice.


Toilets: toilets available.

Cafe / Food: Cafe available.

Car Park: Parking area available.



Max Fish Size
50Ib +
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